We are campaigning for YOU, want to be involved?

We are campaigning for YOU, want to be involved?

So, didn’t blog enough in August so they’re coming thick and fast now.

We spent August on various training sessions with NUS, four days in Lancaster at Lead and Change and down in Birmingham at Skills for Change.

All this change training coupled with our new EHSU Campaigns Committee means we are going to bring more change this year than ever before!

And by change, I mean for the better. Our strategic aim as an organisation is “Ensuring The Best Student Life” and that’s what we’re trying to do.

This year, alongside course rep training and assistance, provision of societies, sports teams, student media, volunteering, bar, club, catering and our amazing Advice Centre, we have even more plans, but we want you to be involved!

The four officers have identified a number of campaigns we wish to run which we feel will enhance your time at University.
Some of the current plans include creating a RateYourLandlord scheme, running a major Mental Health and Wellbeing awareness and action campaign and carrying on our work on increasing your employability prospects through recognition of your voluntary work.

But we want two things: the first is for YOU to get involved in these projects to make them an even bigger success, but the second is for YOU to tell us about other projects that you either want us to lead on, or indeed ones that you want to lead on and us to assist you with!

These projects and campaigns can be anything that is close to your heart or you’re passionate about and can include holding an event, lobbying the University or local persons or public bodies, or just raising awareness across campus and the student body.

Speak to us if any of this is setting an idea off in your head and let’s see where things go.

Slán (goodbye)


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