What do you want from YOUR Students’ Union?

What do you want from YOUR Students’ Union?
So I’m a month into my new job as President and realised I haven’t really asked this question much! The three Vice Presidents and I are elected to work for you and carry out things you request of us.

Don’t worry, we have been getting on with plenty of stuff since we started on 1 August!
We were all elected to our roles on our manifestos and are busy getting on with some of that work, alongside the contractual responsibilities of our jobs.

Some massive changes have happened already this year and we hope on the social side of things, you will all enjoy our SU Bar, the Quad nightclub and our brand new catering outlet Nom, all based on The Street.

We have been working hard alongside the University to ensure adequate prayer and faith facilities as well as finding a ‘place to call home’ for our VibeMedia empire!

Fingers crossed I can update you all more in a later blog.

I won’t bore you much more, but back to the point, if there is anything you want or need from us please do get in touch, because it’s so easy:

Comment below
Visit: www.EdgeHillSU.org.uk
Email: SUpresident@EdgeHill.ac.uk
Facebook: EHSU Pres Ident or Edge Hill Students’ Union
Tweet: @EHSUpresident or @EdgeHillSU
Ring: 01695 657 308

Or you know what, just come in and see us upstairs in the Hub!!! 🙂
Go raibh maith agaibh (thanks to you all) <– that’s a little bit of Irish for you!


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