I’m ready to lead, are you ready to change?

So, last week, the other sabbs and I went to Lancaster Uni to take part in the NUS Lead and Change Conference. I have to say, it was the most amazing and inspiring week of my life!

After being put into groups (I was Group 6 –woo! Go Group 6!), we took part in discussions about leadership, power, politics, representation, public speaking, what it’s like to be a sabb officer, how to change the SU for the better and how to always work with students in mind.

We met many different sabbs from many different universities, ranging from Leeds to London and Sunderland to Sheffield. Everyone was lovely and we all learned a lot about how each officer works in their SU. We were also lucky enough to work with some of the NUS staff, who were truly inspiring people – they’ve given me a huge boost of motivation to be the best sabb officer I can be and I’m super excited for all you students to arrive on campus so we can get started!

My favourite part of the whole week, was taking part in a university simulation called Fibchester. As part of the simulation, we were all sabb officers within Fibchester Uni and had to deal with problems throughout the year as they piled up fast! Whilst the experience was incredibly stressful (and involved me taking part in an extremely intimidating and embarrassing TV interview), it really helped me to understand how to deal with certain issues within an SU and that you can’t deal with everything at once, otherwise you’ll never get anything done.

A sad part of the week was the announcement that the NUS Director of Policy and Delivery, Jim Dickinson, is leaving at the end of September. Jim led a number of plenaries throughout the week and he really inspired me and gave me the motivation I needed. I’m sad that he won’t be around for more conferences, but I’m glad that I got to meet/work with him.

Overall, this week has really opened my eyes to a number of things. I’ve been conflicted with what I want to do with myself after Edge Hill but now everything is clear and I know that I want to work for NUS one day!

Now we’re all back in the office, responding to a huge pile of e-mails and getting things ready for Fresher’s Week! If you haven’t seen what events we’ve got lined up, why not head on over to www.edgehillsu.org.uk and check them out!

I’m definitely looking forward to meeting all of you 1st years and being reunited with you 2nd and 3rd year students.

Bye for now!

VP of Faculty of Arts and Sciences

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