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Good afternoon folks

With end-of-year exams on the horizon and your mother’s cooking already beckoning you home for the summer (for those of you living away), the end of academic year 12/13 is beginning to come to a close for many of you (sorry teachers, nurses, paramedics etc who are stuck here till June-July and beyond). However, this does not mean we as an SU get to go home for the summer ūüôĀ and work is still going on both in full-view and behind the scenes to improve the student experience here at Edge Hill. Indeed the summer is actually when much of the action takes place and aside from our usual roles – sitting on¬†committees, board, panels and writing reports etc, it also sees much of the planning and changes take place for the next academic year so everything is ready for your start/return in September.

I wanted to take this opportunity to bring you up to speed on a few things which I/we have been involved in recently:

Firstly, Friday saw the final day of nominations for our Student-Led Teaching Awards (SLTAs). We’ve had record numbers of nominations this year, much of this down to the hard work of our VP Faculty of Education – Alex, who has taken the lead on this project. This is a really great venture, not only because it allows you as students and us as an SU the opportunity to thank those staff members who have had a positive impact on your student experience, but also because it helps us to pick out good practice and identify what Edge Hill students think makes a good lecturer, personal tutor or support staff member. We can then use this information to improve the teaching, support and services you receive in the future and indeed Alex, Gareth and I have been asked to present a lecture on this at a conference on campus in July.

Recently I have also been working with Facilities Management (FM) on a number of things. The first outcome is that FM are now putting the final proposals together for the new and improved multi-faith room currently located in the Magnolia suite at Forest Court. This work is costing upwards of ¬£8000 and will be undertaken over the summer to ensure this bigger, better and more inclusive¬†facility¬†is available for students in September. I won’t go into detail about what this will look like but anyone wanting to know any more, just let me know.

I am also working with FM on putting a business case together for the University to invest in lockers on campus. Over the past two years in my respective roles I have had students coming to me asking about storage on campus and whether the University would invest in lockers, especially given the ever-expanding nature of the campus and the increase in student numbers over the last decade. As a result FM have now identified a number of areas around campus where lockers could be placed and once the plans have been completed, we will be taking the case forward to the senior management team within the University for approval. Hopefully if this is given the go ahead, there will be lockers in place for students to use from September.

The final topic I’ve been working on with FM is that of food waste. As someone who can’t stand waste, I hate it when the University holds events which are catered and then upon completion, proceed to dispose of all the leftover food when there are hundreds of students in the locality with tight budgets who would welcome some free food. As a result I’ve managed to convince FM to put a policy together which states that in the right circumstances once an event has finished but the food is still within a safe time period, members of Catering will take the food out into public areas and offer to any students there. So if you see someone coming up to you next year with free food – that’s why :p

In other news on Sunday we undertook our Lipdub attempt for this year to Frank Turner’s ‘I Still Believe’. Given the numbers, we have used this as our final pilot before undertaking a full-scale Lipdub in Oct-Nov of next academic year. We have a dedicated team of officers and students who will be taking this forward and I’m really hoping this can become a huge project which all students can be proud of and which really tells the public what Edge Hill is all about. If you want to get involved make sure you keep your eyes peeled for stuff posted online and during Freshers’ Fair etc.¬†Additionally¬†keep your eye out for the Promo vid which will be posted to our YouTube channel very shortly ūüôā

And as a final note, if you are wondering where our website has gone, we’re currently making some major changes to it but it will be up and running ready for the start of the next academic year.

I’m sure many of you will hear from me or see me before you go but for those of you who don’t, have a wonderful summer and for those of you leaving for good, I wish you all the best of luck in the future and hopefully I’ll be present at your graduation ceremony to celebrate your achievements with you.

Best wishes

SU President

P.S. I get to see the new Creative Edge building behind the track tonight ūüėČ Will try and post some pictures

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