Important news for nursing, midwifery and ODP students

Some great news for nurses, midwives and ODP students.

NHS BSA has introduced a new 0300 number which will only be charged at local rate as oppose to the high cost of telephoning the call centre you used to have to ring.  From now on use 0300 330 1345 when calling about your bursary payments and applications for funding as it will much cheaper.

Also if you are on a nursing, midwifery or ODP course you no longer need to wait for an invitation to apply for your bursary funding.  The NHS BSA will now accept online applications when you are ready to apply.

If you are an April starter make sure you reapply for your funding now, the earlier the better!

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5 thoughts on “Important news for nursing, midwifery and ODP students

  1. Mike Nolan

    I don’t think 03 numbers are necessarily “free” – they’re charged at no more than geographical 01 or 02 numbers even if you’re dialing from a mobile phone. So if you have minutes included in your contract, or at certain times of day then they are “free”, but you may otherwise be paying a few pence per minute.

  2. SU President Post author

    Hi Mike

    The message has come from our Advice Centre. Will get in contact with them and edit accordingly 🙂

    Many thanks

  3. Jacqui Berry

    I emailed NHS Bursary’s regarding reapplying (which is due to start again in April) and received a reply on the 22nd January. It said that I have to wait to be contacted and this will be at the end of February! Which contradicts what has been told to you.

  4. SU President Post author

    Hi Mike

    Apologies, but it appears there was some confusion between the original message provided by our Advice Centre and what was given me in the end. The new number has been installed as it is significantly cheaper than having to ring the call centres as students used to have to do. I have amended the blog accordingly. Many thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    Jacqui, I’ve passed on your comment to the Advice team and will get back to you as soon as I hear from them.

    Many thanks

  5. SU President Post author

    Hi Jacqui, just to confirm they aren’t going public with this information so if you simply ask about it, they will tell you, you need to wait for an invite. However if you actually just apply, then they’ll accept it. Here at EHSU we’d recommend you do the latter so you get it done as soon as possible.

    Many thanks

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