Can you see beyond the veil?

**A Blog on behalf of our Islamic Society President**

As I board the train from Preston to Ormskirk, awkward feelings emerge, thoughts begin to cloud my mind, Can I do this? Can I carry on wearing the veil? and then something inside keeps saying No, No I don’t think you can, I think you have come to the end of the road with this. I realised I was battling with my inner conscious telling me I could not carry on with the veil but then another voice telling me I could not carry on without it.

 The veil had somewhat become a part of me, something that I became attached too and started to love but with it I had to go through obstacles, hardships not to mention a price tag. I knew I needed to be at peace with myself and the veil, and it should not cause me any type of worry. But somewhere down the line, I knew from the looks and snares, that people were making judgments. And why would they not? In their eyes I am a foreigner, and I look completely different to the norm, so being stared at would seem natural right? But to add to the comments “pathetic, terrible”, tells me there is a price tag, a hefty psychological one.
For some completely did not understand and for others it was simply curiosity. So some didn’t understand but for some they could see what was beneath. A young girl who did not want to conform to the fashion industry, to imitate models and to live and by what the fashion industry dictates. So there were a few people at my University who accepted me for who I was and could truly see internally, because true beauty is internal right? Though you may think this sounds cynical, well before the outer beauty catches the attention of a prospective suitor, would it not be better to cut out straight away all those who are looking for the “model” look? and let those who are looking for a good heart find their gold by digging deep and of course that takes work. Because we are precious, and women are the queens of the home, so is it not befitting to protect and keep covered that which is beautiful, only for the eyes of the beholder?
 If I choose not to wear the veil it would mean I feel bare and naked and by the grace of God I have been blessed with beauty and it is that very beauty I wish to preserve. Just like a pearl is hard to find in the deep depths of the ocean, I too want to be that pearl in which the man I would marry would have to search damn hard before he could find me. And when he sees me veiled, because of his closeness with God he would understand why I did so. As with everything we do, we look to please God before we please creation because you know whenever you do anything for God it is appreciated and rewarded
I have seen it all too often, young girls flaunting their beauty, but is that why beauty was given?  Is that what gives one honour and success, or the fame and the limelight one receives is that not for a day or two and then reality sinks them back to where home is? Because we are all judged right? So would it not be better to be judged for your intellect and wisdom rather than your beauty , because beauty fades but the inner beauty is reflected by your character, traits and mannerisms. So should we not display excellent conduct, morals and traits and let them supercede what the outer image displays? So I leave you with the question as I asked you in the beginning, Can you see beyond the veil?

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