Well, October has flown past so I guess most people are well into their programs of study some ready to go out into placement. For those new health students I know how daunting the prospect of going into placement can be. Best advice I can give is take a little pocket notebook any questions you have and get answers for jot them in, it helps it really does. I hope those going out have a great placement whether you’re new or an old hand I wish you the best of luck in placement.
So a run down on what I’ve been doing, firstly we had the first induction training for course reps which was positive and I was glad to see so many turned up so big thanks for those who did, and for those whose names I have confirmed for attendance I look forward to putting names to faces.
I’m looking at creating an access help point so anyone with any ideas of things you think it should contain please do drop me an email.
I have also been to Manchester a number of times which has been ‘interesting’. Got to meet the lovely ODP and Paramedic students at Armstrong house, which was great and look forward to a more positive interaction between them and the students’ union.
We, that is myself and the two other VP’s from education and Arts and sciences attended the NUS conference which was really interesting, I hope it inspires some productive work regarding student’s retention and belonging. So I guess I’m going to finish by asking you ‘what makes you feel like you belong’ to this university?
Take care till next time, keep safe and healthy whilst on placement. Sian

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