These last few weeks

Well quick update as some may have seen I have been absent yet again…not on holiday alas….. but I have been on Jury service and that has now finished for anyone who gets called to do it as your public duty its very interesting but can be quite stressful I think as Health and Social Care students you are taught to act impartially and be non judgemental in your approach to patients and these skills indeed come in handy. Anyway I will be back in the office on monday morning and hope to be rolling out the new training program for new and re-elected course reps. Its going to fun and interactive. I hope you are all well and for the newbies enjoying your course and those that are returned for years 2 and 3 are continuing to strive to achieve your goals… as always i am here to represent you so any problems please email fb tweet or call in and see me at the SU and remember the SU have lots of societies, community projects and things to do that you can be involved in.



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