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Afternoon everyone

I am currently writing this at 4:39pm with the attempt to have it finished by 5:00pm (good luck with that). So on that notion, I shall try and keep it brief.

Well, early Monday morning saw an end to what had been a crazy (and very long) week and a bit. Safe to say Freshers’ Week was as hectic as always with many things going on around the place. Saturday 22nd saw a visit from our off campus students and those living in Unite halls in Liverpool followed by the arrival of all our new on-campus students on Welcome Sunday. That day also saw my beloved Red Devils beat the Scousers (but the less said about that the better I’m sure, given the local demographic of many of our students) and it brought in the official beginning of Freshers’ Week, with a very busy night on the Sunday evening.

From then we saw crazy paint parties, films, comedy nights, dance performances, silent discos and visits from Beat-A-Maxx, Jameela Jamil, Comedy Dave & Dom and Verne Troyer! Amidst all that we also held what has to be the most successful Freshers’ Fair we’ve ever had with 150 stalls, thousands of students and lots of freebies. I managed to speak to virtually all the sports teams and societies who were present and pretty much every one of them was surprised at just how many students had signed up to their activities.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, the University thought it would be a good idea to place my second official Board of Governors meeting on the Monday evening of that week. Safe to say, after what must have been almost 100+ hours in 8-9 days, I was (and still am), well and truly knackered. In fact, much of the office seems to be a little sneezy and sniffly with symptoms of the dreaded Freshers’ Flu!

Moving on from Freshers’ Week, Monday saw the launch of our new Advice & Guidance Centre. This is a real step forward for us an SU because it allows us to offer independent and impartial advice and support on a whole host of topics including academic problems, appeals, complaints, debt, finance, benefits, welfare, accommodation and more, from trained professionals. If you ever need anything, the service is open for appointments 10am-4pm every weekday with drop-ins 10am-12pm on Tues, Weds & Thurs. You can also email them any time at

Excitingly, the back end of this week also sees the first regular ‘on-campus’ SU night for years in ‘Cantina’, a live music event in association with the University Bar & Club, Edge Hill Uni and Liverpool Sound City. Given the connections that Sound City have, the bands really are the best of the best in terms of underground music in Liverpool at the moment and it wouldn’t surprise me to see many of the bands becoming household names over the next few years. You may have seen the slightly bizarre looking posters round campus, but for those that haven’t, the first event is this Friday (5th) and if you go to the event page (see below) and click attending, you can pick up a free ticket from the SU for this week only (regular price £5 or £2 with NUS Extra card).

Cantina Page –
Event –

In other news, we have our Mature Students Coffee Morning tomorrow 10am-1pm. For those who are unsure, a mature student is anybody who started their course at the age of 21 or over. It is on the top floor of The Hub, next to the big screen and will have free coffee and pastries for those attending .

Finally, I’ve spent virtually all today reviewing the Malpractice Regulations which the University and you as students must adhere to, for a review group whose first meeting took place this afternoon. Malpractice covers things such as cheating, collusion and plagiarism. The official review was triggered by us at the SU last year, raising some concerns over the consistency, fairness and potential contradictory nature of the regs. Although this seems horrendously dull it’s actually a big step for us in terms of influencing the rules you are governed and potentially punished by.

I’ve also been continuing to work closely with the IT team on IT provision and learning space around campus. Those of you who have me on facebook or twitter will have seen some of the wins we have secured for you the students already, and I will make sure I blog about this as an individual project, once all the actions have been undertaken.

And as 5:27pm passes by, once again I find myself not leaving at 5pm haha. Not so brief after all.

Many thanks to those of you who have made it to this stage, you really are martyrs and feel free to ask any questions or pop any comments in the section below or via the methods of communications listed.

Best wishes
SU President

Tel: 01695 657308
Facebook: Ehsu Pres Ident  (I know it’s stupid)
Twitter: @EHSUpresident


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