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Hello and welcome to my first blog as Vice president of the faculty of health and social care. Here’s a little about me I have just completed a three year degree programme in Adult nursing and during my time on the course I was a student rep. I decided to run for elections as I quite like helping people and ensuring that students have the best experience possible. I am a mature student and I am a married mother of four so I know the complexities of studying a full time degree with placements and a family and a job. It’s not easy but with a bit of determination and good support you will achieve all you set out to.

So what can you expect from me, well firstly I am here for you I can direct you to appropriate services such as if you need impartial advice or guidance we have an excellent team here in the students union. I will help with your training should you decide to become a course rep and in general help you take forward any ideas or suggestions you have that you think can make a difference to the student experience. I will represent you in any matters appropriate to your course.

I would like to see more student participation from our faculty and across all the courses offered by the FOH&SC and look forward to being accessible and communicative with you all.

So for those new students welcome and enjoy fresher’s week, lots of exciting events planned for the evening let’s hope the weather improves. For those returning students welcome back and don’t forget call in let us know who you are, the students union is up on the 1st floor of the hub and our doors are well and truly open. Sian

2 thoughts on “Hello and welcome

  1. mark

    Hiya sian,

    Quick query regarding the NHS Health care form (HC1), was just wondering if you knew where i can pick one up from in uni (if there is a desk at all that deals with this) as i would like to apply for a certificate that allows me to get cheaper glasses etc. I know I can order one online via the nhs website however it takes a while to come so was hoping to pick one up tomorrow and send it off as quickly as possible as I need an eye test and a new pair of spectacles couldn’t see you in the lecture yesterday 🙂


  2. Natalie North Post author

    Hi Mark My sincerest appologies for the delayed reply I have been out of the office. You can if you havent got it already collect at HC1 form from Milton House or the SIC, alternatively drs opticians or dentists should have them. kind regards Sian

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