New beginnings

So here goes my first blog…..


I don’t really know where to start and I’ve been in post for over a month now. It’s been a whirlwind of a month with training, meetings, presentations and thinking of ways to connect better with the students of Edge Hill.

The campus is beginning to be alive with students as the PGCE courses and part time programmes have begun to start. It’s been great to actually get out from behind my desk and go and meet the new and returning students. I feel very fortunate to be the new Vice President Faculty of Education as all the staff I have been meeting with have all said they want the best for their students and that by working alongside each other we defiantly aim to improve your student experience throughout 2012/2013, and throughout the year I want to hear if this is happening or if there are areas which you are not happy about.

I can’t really hide from the jealousy I have towards my friends who are now in teaching posts after graduating in Primary Education with QTS and I do miss the thought of my weekend being full with planning and marking but hey who can say they have 9 days and nights of freshers to help prepare, plan and carry out! I think they’ll be the ones jealous of me!

Some of my plans this year are to improve and enhance the course rep system, connect better as an union with mature and off campus students and make every single student aware of what the SU can do for you. We have a new advice centre opening on 1st October which will be providing independent advice on issues from academic advice to welfare benefits and with the new layout of the SU it’s a really exciting and busy time for all of us here at the SU.


Anyway I’ll leave that update for now and I look forward to meeting each of you during the next few weeks and hearing your thoughts about your experience at Edge Hill.


Alex 🙂

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