The End is Nigh

And so today brings to a close this academic year for most – with many receiving their overall classifications. It also sees my reign as Vice President Faculty of Education draw to a close too. Under normal circumstances I would continue in my new role as President from Monday, but as the SU has changed the dates of Sabbatical Officers’ contracts for next year I don’t resume until August.

This means that unlike any officer before me, I actually get a ‘mini’ summer break. I’m down in Exeter next week for the NUS Awards to see if we win the ‘Small SU of the Year’ award and will be attending a Board of Governor’s meeting the week after, but other than that July is work-free for me 🙂 I’m off to France at the back end with my family which should be fun!

One thing I will be missing out on is the Graduation Ceremonies and having the pleasure of watching many of you graduate (as well as some amazing food at the Graduation Lunches), but as I will be working through till August next year I will get the chance to see many others this time next year and at December’s ceremonies. Rumour has it, that our outgoing President Colin has received a personal invite to one of the Lunches from no less than the Chancellor herself, Tanya Byron.

I would love to spend time talking about all the things we’ve done this year as a team but the report we submitted to Academic Board and the Board of Governors on that exact topic contained over 3 pages of bullet points so I won’t bore you with it. Safe to say it has been the SU’s most successful year to date and our shortlisting for Small SU of the Year against just two other institutions reflects that. I hope many of you have felt some of the positive impacts of the things we have been doing on your behalf and no doubt there will be a whole host of positive things which have happened which you had no idea we were behind or involved in. We are employing a Communications member of staff over the summer for just such reasons! To continue to get the message out there about who we are and what we’re doing.

It’s safe to say I’m really looking forward to taking up my role as President of the SU from August and continuing to move this Union forward and improving students’ lives here at Edge Hill. In the meantime I hope you all have a fantastic summer and to all those who are graduating I wish you all the best for the future. You know you’re always welcome to come and see us or pop by any time to see how we’re getting on.

Finally just a quick thank you to my colleagues this year Colin, Billy, Nat and all the staff team here at EHSU.

Vice President Faculty of Education and President-elect

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