What do you think of the library?????

Hi everyone

On the 19th June I am on a panel which is assessing the current library facilities. Part of the day is set aside for asking students their thoughts. Therefore I am trying to get as many students to come along for an hour to have your say on the library facilities, what you want in there and how can it be improved? So if you can spare an hour 1-2pm on the 19th June, I’d be grateful if you could come along. It is in the FAS Boardroom in the LINC building on Ormskirk campus and lunch is provided.

If you would like to attend then just let me know in the comments box below or via the usual communication methods found at the bottom of this blog. If you can’t make it but would still like to have your say then feel free to leave any relevant comments which I can then take to the panel.

Best wishes and I hope you are all well 🙂
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12 thoughts on “What do you think of the library?????

  1. Gill O'Connor

    I’ve been really pleased. I usually only use the postal service because I’m a distance student but I’ve been really happy with the speed of arrival of the books and especially the helpfulness of staff.

  2. Martin

    I think the facilities are fantastic. The staff are all friendly and clued up, there are books for even the creative writing part of my English and Creative Writing Degree, good refreshments and Blackwells.
    I liked the trial they did of the late openings, they really allowed people to fit studies into their lifestyle better.

  3. Janet

    Hi Elliot
    Generally the library provides an efficient, reliable postal service. However I have wasted a huge amount of time this weekend (with 2 assignments due to be presented imminently) attempting to contact a librarian. It wasn’t until a member of the security staff picked up the ‘phone at the general office that I found out that the library was closed all weekend, and would no longer be available at weekends until september. As a student who works full time, weekends are extremely valuable to me, and wasting time is intensely irritating. A simple alteration to the voicemail would have been courteous, and saved both time and money. Janet

  4. Elliott Hodgeon Post author

    Thanks for all your comments folks, I will be feeding them all into the Library Review I’m attending tomorrow. Many thanks especially to those of you who are distance learners or are based at a campus other than Ormskirk; gives us some opinions from a different perspective which is excellent!

  5. victoria

    Hi Elliot,
    I wont be able to attend the meeting as I am on placement, but would be grateful if you could mention the lack of books in the RE section – there aren’t enough for our whole group to use. Luckily we are nice and share our books, however, I know there is a new RE course starting next year I fear there won’t be enough for us all!
    Other than that I am happy with the library service.
    Thank you,

  6. Elliott Hodgeon Post author

    Hi Victoria

    No problem, thanks for the feedback. Will pass it on of course 🙂


  7. Yvonne westwell

    Please can we have the reservation system back??!!! As a part time student I am only on campus one day a week so being able to reserve and collect was a very helpful service which I used all the time.

  8. michelle bull

    Hi Elliott

    Sorry but I wasnt aware of the post until now, but would like to express my views on the current library facility.
    I am a student who is in the second year of a foundation degree, this is a fulltime course with only one day attendance at Edge Hill the rest is work based learning. I found in the first year the reservation service invaluable as i was able to search for the books required at home and ask for them to be ready for collection on my way to lectures on the one day i attend. I believe this service was withdrawn due to pressure on staff and people abusing the service. I feel that as a mature student with work, family and study commitments it is very hard to spend time searching for books within the library when your only day of attendance is spent the majority of time in lectures. the reduced hours is also another factor as i am unable to attend at weekends or evening if the library is closed!
    Look forward to further updates
    Many thanks Michelle

  9. Elliott Hodgeon Post author

    Hi Michelle

    I will feed this into the report I’m sending electronically as there are to be more meetings over the library in the new academic year. In the meantime I have noted the reservation service as something which I clearly need to chase up. Although I had a discussion with the Customer Services Manager about this when it was first withdrawn I have forgotten much of the reasoning behind it, other than it was never intended for this use i.e. people just reserving any books, but was chiefly for reserving books which were currently unavailable and it was being abused by many, meaning it was causing huge strain on staff and resources. However as I say I will reopen the conversation and see what resolutions (if any) we can find.

    Thanks for your response

  10. Laura

    Library is good…providing you get there at 8am and manage to grab a computer! For the number of students enrolling there are no where near enough computers – there wasn’t last year yet they still took a good chunk away. Think they need to have a look at what they’re spending their money on…a huge seemingly sparse space like the Hub, which could have been used to extend the library.
    Rant over.
    In regards to book, the ones I required were always available and the staff ready to help.

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