HillStart Dance Companies ‘The End of Time’

Hi Guys,

On Monday the SU we’re offered a couple of tickets to go and watch ‘The End of Time’ by HillStart who are one of the societies’s at the SU.

So I went along with Elliott Hodgeon (VP Ed & President elect) and honestly before the event I went because I thought I should go (supporting societies etc) but within minutes of the first performance I was hooked, and the event was one of my highlights as a sabbatical officer, students at this University are so talented, and last night was just further proof of it.

The night started with a production called Loud which set the tone for the whole night perfectly, I’d love to go through and talk about how incredible each performance was, as they were all brilliant but since blogs are supposed to be short I’m just going to talk about two, the first was just after the interval and it was a solo tap dance piece, I wouldn’t describe myself as an ‘arty’ person, or that interested in dance, but it was captivating and incredible to watch and generated a great atmosphere in the Studio Theatre, the other piece was a piece to portray the 3rd years leaving, and it showed how much it meant to each and everyone of them, this wasn’t simply just a dance production but a society in which they had grown up, met friends for life, and had the time of their life.

It added to it all that these people weren’t doing it because they we’re paid but because they had a genuine love for what they we’re doing, I’ll be sure to come back to watch their next production, and I’d recommend it to everyone- even if it’s something you’re not really that ‘into’ just give it a go- you won’t regret it.

Also a mention to Daniel Sature who has been responsible for leading a society from a small group on a Sunday to sold out productions, and has been responsible for training some of the dancers and choreographing many of the dances as well as doing his course, I wasn’t aware of how much he’d contributed to this society or the University in general, but he leaves this year and the place will certainly be worse off without him.



3 thoughts on “HillStart Dance Companies ‘The End of Time’

  1. claire warrington

    I am one very proud mother of a 3rd year dancer who took part in Tuesday nights show. The show was wonderful and I think everyone in Hillstart should be very proud of all they have achieved and will go on to achieve. A very emotional last dance saw the 3rd years handing over their precious company, not a dry eye on stage or for me in the audience! Thank you for a wonderful night.

  2. Lauren Sanders

    Hello, i think everyone who took part in the show did a brilliant job, but to let everybody know so styles of dance do not get mixed up the soloist did a brilliant rendition of Irish hard shoe dancing.

  3. Elliott Hodgeon

    Hi Lauren

    You are absolutely correct and although not a dance expert I as Colin’s comrade during the show was fully aware of this. Nevertheless you have to understand that Colin is hardly a dance enthusiast bless him, he tried his best 🙂

    He’ll hate me for writing this reply, so here’s to hoping he never sees it! Thanks for your reply Lauren

    VP Faculty of Education & President-elect

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