I’m Back – Part 2

…Following on from Part 1

Finally a few bits of information to give you and some questions I’m hoping you could feedback to me on…

Firstly, Patricia Burgess – the Programme Leader for Early Years Professional Status, has asked me to inform as many students as possible about the course. It is fully funded by the Government (rare in this day in age and unlikely to last long) and also comes with a £3.5k bursary so provides finance too. It is also an excellent stepping stone to a career in working with children (especially young children) and is a great addition to your CV. It also comes with lots of placements so is good experience for any student. The course is 12-months Full Time and can be undertaken at Ormskirk, Chorley the Wirral and others. So if you’re graduating this year are aren’t sure what you want to do yet or are struggling to find employment, then why not consider this course as an option for the next 12 months. Money, experience and further qualifications!!! Can’t say fairer than that. Any student with a degree (or completing one) can apply 🙂

If you would like more info, visit http://www.edgehill.ac.uk/study/courses/early-years-professional-status or contact Lindy Jones on 01257 517127, Jill Houghton on 01257 517126 or email eyps@edgehill.ac.uk for an application form or further information.

Outside of this I’m sat on a scoping group looking at Apps and mobile friendly websites that Edge Hill could invest in. I have discussed that such technology could resolve issues that current students at Edge Hill have and as a result have been asked to go away and list any students problems seem to have and an app that might help it. One example would be that Ormskirk-based students often complain that they can’t find a free computer at peak times. Therefore an app which highlighted where free computers around campus are could help.

So my question to you is exactly that. With no boundaries or restrictions to your imagination what issues you have could be solved by an app. The more imaginative the better 🙂

As stated in the bullets above, I’m looking at the use of The Hub. How could we improve The Hub and what would make the upstairs area more appropriate for a working environment? Again, feel free to be imaginative.

And finally, I’m currently looking at bulking up Freshers’ Week and putting on events outside of the obvious night time activities which take place. We are already in discussions with the Rose Theatre about putting on films, comedy nights etc but even during the day – what kind of things would really improve Freshers’ Week and would have made your experiences better when you first arrived?


Thanks for reading folks and any questions at all you know where I am J
Vice President Faculty of Education and President-elect

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