Early Years Professional Status Programme

Applications are invited for the following fully funded EYPS pathways starting in September 2012


Graduate Entry Pathway (GEP)

A 12 month full time pathway, for people interested in an early years career. You must have a degree (in any subject), a commitment to working with children 0 – 5, their parents and other agencies and GCSE English Language and Maths Grade C or above or a recognised equivalent.

 A bursary is available of £3,500


Undergraduate Entry Pathway (UEP)

A 12 month pathway, for undergraduates interested in an early years career. You must be currently undertaking a full time education, childhood or early years degree and have GCSE English Language and Maths Grade C or above or a recognised equivalent.

A bursary is available of £3,500


 Please contact Lindy Jones on 01257 517127 or Jill Houghton on 01257 517126 or email eyps@edgehill.ac.uk for an application form or further information.

4 thoughts on “Early Years Professional Status Programme

  1. Mary Auguiste Ernest

    Will this CPD be online or is attendance at University required?

  2. Amy Hooton

    I’m really interested in the GEP and will be graduating in July 2012 with a degree in childhood and youth studies. I just wanted to ask what the closing date is for applications? And how much does the course actually cost?

  3. Elliott Hodgeon

    Hi Mary

    I can answer that, the course is a contact based course so some face-to-face time will be required. The majority of the time though is self-study and placements. Lindy or Jill (identified in the post) will be able to give you more info on that though.

    Hi Amy

    In all honesty I don’t know when the cut-off date is but as far as I’m aware you can still apply now. All information about the course including application form can be found at http://www.edgehill.ac.uk/study/courses/early-years-professional-status but as the post states, if you contact Lindy of Jill I’m sure they will be able to answer your question. The SU are just advertising the course you see, we’re not the experts in it 🙂

    Kind regards

  4. Elliott Hodgeon

    Oh and the course is free. In fact students on the course receive a £3.5k bursary, I think it is highly likely the government will pull the plug on it very soon though which is why we’re pushing it to students now while it still exists and is funded.


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