What a week!

Hi Guys,

It’s a funny time at Edge Hill everyone is starting to think what they are doing in the Summer, and final year students are considering what to do with their lives from here on! Only a couple of things this week I want to tell you about,

  • If you want to see the results have a look here, it looks like we have a fantastic team next year which will push the SU on, I have worked with Elliott for a year and I know he will be a great President, there’s nobody I’d prefer to have this role more than him.
  • We more than doubled our election turn out from last year, over 1440 people voted. I have never known / heard about a increase in voting turn out of over a 100% in one single year . Thank you so much to everyone who voted!
  • Finally a lecturer in the business school is trying to get funding for his project, which means his students will directly be able to book time into his diary without him being able to stop them, it needs votes to get approved so please go to http://elevator.jisc.ac.uk/ideas/students-control-my-life and vote! If it proves successful we can push the University to do it on other courses meaning you get more access to your lecturers and tutors!

Thanks everyone,

Until next time,


Students’ Union President.

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