Let’s see how far we’ve come

Hi Guys,

I’m not about to burst out into a rendition of Matchbox 20 (for anyone that’s ever heard me sing you’ll understand why!) but instead I’m going to have a little boast about how far we’ve come.

  • Last year during elections our website averaged around 80 hits a day, this year its 1700.
  • We didn’t have a student magazine last year or ever before, and now the second issue has had over 6500 hits!
  • Probably the stat I’m most proud of to show how much we have improved is that after 2 and a 1/2 days we’ve already had more votes than the entire of the voting period last year!
  • Last year we entered Green Impact, an award for how Green the SU is, we won working towards accreditation- this year we won Gold, the top award you can win.
  • Candidates! The standard of candidates this year is so much higher than ever before
  • Everything we did in Semester 1 

I could go on more about the increase in travel costs etc, but I have to go! Make sure you keep voting, lets smash the record at Edge Hill and get more than other local SU’s!

Vote @ www.edgehillsu.org.uk

We’ve come a long long way, but there’s still so much more we can do, so vote to have your say.

Have a good weekend,


SU President (supresident@edgehill.ac.uk)


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