Education student? Drive to placement?

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The Students’ Union will now publish a poster (via the TV screens) & a blog every month with one major thing we have achieved for students.

This month I’m going to tell you about a change in the Faculty of Education, which came about as one of the results for the Hidden Fees campaign (more to come!)

Faculty of Education students will now receive 14p per mile travelling to placement, rather than 10p, the additional passenger bonus has dropped however, as you can see below.

Driving on your own= 14p

Driving with 1 passenger= 17p (up from 15p)

Driving with 2 passengers= 20p (no change)

Driving with 3 passengers= 25p (no change)

Make sure the form you submit is with the new rates on, and if you have any further questions email me at

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