A game of two halves

So the first semester is now well behind us, and after a welcome Christmas break it’s time to get stuck into the second half of the academic year.

There was a lot of activity before Christmas which included the likes of the launch of the new Students’ Union radio station L: 39 radio, selecting Edge Hill’s first ever team to compete on University Challenge, and running a project consulting with part-time students on how the Students’ Union can engage and represent part-time students more effectively.

And now that the Christmas break is over it’s time to look at what we’re planning for the next 6 months.

In less than two weeks on Monday the 16th January, the Students’ Union will be hosting an accommodation fair to coincide with the University releasing its registered housing list on Wednesday 18th January. The fair will offer students the chance to find out more about what to expect from living in student accommodation, and what to think about when looking round houses, and should give you a better idea of what your rights as a tenant are so that know where and who you can go to if issues arise while living in your student accommodation. We hope the fair will give you a chance to make an informed decision about where you choose to live rather than rushing into signing for a house without being as clued up as you can be.

(Hopefully you’ll have seen my two blogs before Christmas about accommodation and rogue landlords)

As well as this we also have our continuing project on hidden course costs that we hope to be able to update you on over the next few weeks, and later on in the year we will have our Graduation ball.

There will be plenty going on over the next 6 months and we’ll be sure to update you regularly on our goings on, but it looks to be an exciting second semester!

As always if you have any questions, comments or anything then feel free to e-mail me on suvpfas@edgehill.ac.uk or you can phone me on 01695 657311, or just pop over the Students’ Union for a chat!

Thanks again for reading


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