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Two blogs in two days??? Not quite sure what’s happening to me. Just a very quick one to say that we are aware of the problems students are facing getting on the Edge Link bus at peak times and we have been working with FM on this issue for some time.

Hopefully in the new year we will gradually start to see some changes to this which I can’t go into right now as nothing has been finalised. But rest assured we are aware of the problems and we are trying to work with the University to solve them.

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5 thoughts on “The Edge Link Bus

  1. Robert Spencer

    I have had numerous problems with this service and the one mentioned in this post is just one of them.

    I am a disalbed student and can not walk the distance between the college and Ormskirk bus station, from where I get a bus back home to Southport.,plus standing around in the cold is not good for me as well. I have at times had to get a taxi because the bus queue has been busy, you can at times not get on the second bus that comes.

    The other problem is that I have been first in the queue, and the bus then stops further down the road, and have missed the bus, becuase all the students who were at the back of the queue jumped on,

    It seems on two counts that the bus driver needs to park in the right place, and students need to respect that people that are in front of them and not to jump the queue.

    I have complained to the bus driver, and there was nothing he could do. Cumfy bus seemed to pass the problem back to the universit

    Can the bus shelter be rdesigned, tha there is a first in line gets on first.

    Ok Rant over,

  2. Sian

    I feel that with the bus issue, the bus shelter could be pushed backwards with a cut into the pavement to make it look like a proper bus stop, that way when it does stop it isn’t disturbing other traffic and also change the shelter so that people who queue first are on first. I do agree that people who are disabled are ill treated. I’ve witnessed it myself.

  3. Holly Johnson

    It’s the new year and their is still problems with the edge hill bus. Today it was raining heavily, and there was a huge ‘queue’ and by that i mean lots of people huddled together pushing and shoving their way to get on the bus. About 50% of the people waiting were turned away as the bus was full and so had to walk up to uni in the pouring rain, and remain soaked as they are trying to learn.

  4. Elliott Hodgeon Post author

    Hi folks

    Thanks for all your feedback, including your’s today Holly.

    Just to let you know the current bus contract is finishing at the end of this month and a new one is starting up from February with Strawberry buses. These buses are bigger meaning more capacity and hopefully less students left behind and/or pushing for the bus.

    Any questions feel free to post on here or email me at

    Kind regards

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