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Yes, it’s that time of the year when a number of our undergraduate teacher trainees find out where they are going to be placed (or not in some circumstances). As always there are many students who have taken issue with this whole process whether they haven’t been allocated a placement yet, they have been given a placement which is inappropriate for any number of reasons or simply that they don’t feel they have been communicated with effectively. However what has been different this year, is unlike in the past when those students would only be able to raise these concerns internally within the Faculty they now have somebody else to moan to… ME! Yes this last week has seen a significant increase in students contacting me through any number of means: email, phone, drop-in surgeries, facebook account…

All joking aside though I think it shows the importance of having somebody representing education students who has been through the system. As many of you know I studied Primary Education myself and graduated over the summer. As has been the case for many of you at some point in your Edge Hill experience I was late placed for my final year synoptic placement so I understand the anxieties and frustrations. However after working with the Partnership team very closely behind the scenes please believe me when I say they are working extremely hard to get you all a suitable, good quality placement. The difficulties of trying to place hundreds to thousands of students in the North-West at any one time is obviously a very difficult one. The North-West is home to the three biggest teacher training providers in the country and therefore schools have the pick of the bunch and to some extent much of the control and until the government makes it compulsory for schools to take on teacher trainees like hospitals do with trainee practitioners and nurses this will always be the case. It is for this reason that I don’t envy the job that they have to do. Nevertheless as I have said on many occasions before it is imperative that the Faculty supports all students through this process and communicates with them effectively.

I have been working closely with Greg Parker (Assistant Head of Primary & Early Years) recently and I know he has been developing a training plan for any trainee within the area who isn’t placed when the block starts which will help you understand how your timetable in school will be affected, any extensions on assignments that may be required as well as providing tasks or workshops for you to undertake so you’re not sat twiddling your thumbs.

If anybody reading this is having any trouble at all or has any questions surrounding the process then please feel free to contact me via any of the methods highlighted at the bottom of this blog.

At this point I’m going to take the opportunity to advertise my Faculty Forum which is taking place tomorrow 1-3pm in Hub 3. I don’t expect it to last 2 hours by any means but having such a slot allows for students who don’t get out of lectures for example, to turn up when they want. This is a free-for-all where anything goes so please feel free to come along equipped with any questions, issues, concerns or praises that you would like to talk to me about and hopefully we might just be able to bring about some positive changes J

Monday sees the end of the beginning of our ‘Hidden Fees’ campaign which aims to eradicate all costs that students accrue on the course surplus to their tuition fees. Examples include books, kit, printing, resources, trips etc. We have collated and compiled a list of all these costs and will be taking them to Directorate (the guys that run the uni) on Monday. If you have any examples of these at all on your course then please leave them in the comments box below or again contact me via any of the methods listed at the bottom. This is your last chance to potentially get rid of any extra charges for future students that you have had to incur.

In other news I have finally gotten round to sorting out a new LipDub group after the last one decided it wasn’t going to allow me to message any of its members. You can find the group here and see some examples in the description.

I am also beginning to plan some of the necessary background information required in order to produce a Semi-naked Sports Calendar for Sport Relief in March. No doubt our sports teams will be hearing from me relatively soon.

I think that’s enough from me anyway guys. Once again I’ve waffled on far more than I would have liked. Many thanks for reading and as always if you have anything you want to ask or talk about then contact me J

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2 thoughts on “Placements, placements, placements…

  1. Sue Sharpe

    I am concerned about the cost of printing screen shots to evidence work in ICT, especially when encouraged to print each step which could result in 20 prints in lesson, that is not including those prints to be done for work done outside class.

  2. Elliott Hodgeon Post author

    Hi Sue

    Would I be right in making the assumption that this is for the Primary Education course? If so are you referring to evidence for your PPO sheets? Any more detail you can give me on this I would be grateful in terms of exactly what it is you’re referring to and maybe some examples. It may be worth doing this through direct email to me –

    Many thanks for the feedback

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