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Once again I’ve been slacking on the old blog front. Having met with lots of students over this past month I think we really underestimate how many of you read these blogs. I promise from now on I will try and keep to one a week as it’s of vital importance to me that you guys know what I’ve been doing.

I could go on all day listing the different things I’ve been up to of late but I’ll do my best to summarise:

I’ve held two part-time focus groups this last week as part of a project we are running at the SU to better engage with part-time students. Many thanks to all those that attended, (those in Shrewsbury didn’t get a choice) and if there are any part-time students reading this who have a spare 5-10 minutes to write an email to me detailing what it’s like to be a PT student, any issues you have or if there’s anything more either the uni or the SU could be doing for you I’d be grateful. All the feedback we are receiving goes into a report for NUS but will also be relayed to the relevant members of staff in the uni and any issues will try to be resolved.

I visited our Shrewsbury campus again this week (my second time) with Learning Services and had a great time chatting to a lot of the students there and getting to know them all a little better. The aim is to ensure that all students no matter where they are know what the SU does but more significantly to know that they are as important to us as any of our other 24000+ members! (And I sincerely hope so seeing as this day was also my birthday and I didn’t get back till 7pm!)

After months and months of trying I still have less than 100 followers on twitter and therefore decided to set up a facebook account for my role as well. Anybody reading this please add me as it’s the best way to keep up to date with what I’m doing. My Facebook name is Ehsu VP FacultyofEducation and my twitter feed is @EHSUvpeducation.

A quick note to mention that we have our Annual General Meeting (AGM) at 5:30pm on Monday (21st) in Wilson 1. Please do come along and see what we’ve been up to over the past year. The Vice Chancellor Dr John Cater will also be giving a talk on why Edge Hill is worth £9k a year. This is not only the perfect opportunity for you to ask any questions of your Students’ Union but also those responsible for running the University!

Recently I have been working closely with the Head of Professional Development in the Faculty of Education to resolve any concerns or problems students on the ‘non-QTS’ courses have been airing and have been instrumental in creating a series of changes to these courses which are currently being reviewed at various committees and boards.

As the others have mentioned we are attempting to abolish all hidden fees for the year beginning Sept 2012 and I am therefore still busy collating all costs which students incur within my faculty. If anybody has any extra costs they have had to pay (on top of your tuition fee) please send the info over to me or leave a comment here.

The most frustrating thing for me recently has been my LipDub project. I have been desperate to get moving with focus groups etc but unfortunately the facebook event (which has 1000) people in it is refusing to play ball and therefore my messages about it aren’t being received. I had planned two focus groups with students who have expertise of knowledge in the world of media, film and production to iron out what was and wasn’t possible with this project and was also looking for students to design a new logo for the event but as I say unfortunately the facebook event hasn’t been sending my messages to anyone but myself. While I try to solve these issues please continue to join the event, invite your friends and spread the word!/event.php?eid=127613200661795

Finally, demonstrating our wider role I am now on the Sports steering group. This is the group which makes all the decisions regarding competitive sport at Edge Hill. This means that two of your elected officers (Colin and I) are instrumental in what decisions are made regarding Team Edge Hill. As part of this I was present at a meeting which outlined some future plans for our ‘Super 8’ rugby league team earlier this week.

On the theme of sports I am hoping to get our semi-naked sports calendar underway soon and am currently making contact with various groups and people to make this possible.

I hope this gives you an insight (if only very brief) into the life of a sabbatical officer and the diverse range of activities we undertake. Throw in the regular boards, committees, appeals panels, meetings, individual student help, course rep training… etc and you can see why I get a little stressed from time to time.

I hope you are all very well and looking forward to Christmas. If you have any comments, issues, concerns, questions or even praises (heaven forbid) then as always you are more than welcome to contact me in any of the ways listed at the bottom or alternatively come and see me in The Hub.

Many thanks for reading
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