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Hi one and all

I must begin with an apology, as I know it has been a month since my last blog, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me what with the hectic schedule of the first few weeks of the academic year. As always with these blogs I wanted to keep you all in the loop with what I’ve been up to so here goes…

The obvious point to start with has to be Freshers Week. Many of the events were packed out (to the point when I was worrying about people’s safety at times) and the end of the week saw me meeting Greg James and standing next to his girlfriend who goes by the name of Ellie Goulding I think. She’s a small time singer or something… :p Despite my ‘starry eyedness’ (see what I did there) the highlight of the week for me had to be Freshers’ Fair. A resounding success with more stalls than ever before, more signups to sports clubs and societies than ever before, flash dances, an 8-man bike and the launch of L:39 radio! Was so nice to see the buzz amongst students and I hope those of you who went, really enjoyed it.

The next point to mention is the talks I have been giving alongside the Dean of the Faculty of Education or Carol Calcutt (Associate Dean) and Louise May (Head of Partnerships) to as many education students as possible. With this role never existing before I’m keen to ensure all students in my faculty know who I am and what I’m here for. These talks hopefully go some way to doing that as will the drop-in sessions I’ll be carrying out in the FoE foyer hopefully on a weekly basis, where students can come to me with any issues, praises or questions they have about their course. To give you an idea of my commitment to this I travelled down to Shropshire on the Monday of Freshers Week to talk to the new Primary Part Time QTS students we have training there. I represent EVERY student, whether they are FT or PT, distance learners or on campus 18-21 or mature. If you haven’t heard from me yet then you may be on my schedule for the coming months talks and if for some reason you aren’t then come in for a chat at my office in the Hub , email me or phone me J

(A brief ‘shout out’ must go here to the Year 2 Primary FT students I spoke to last week, who saw me almost combust in an attempt to give my 15-20 minute presentation in less than 5 minutes; I’m honestly not crazy, I promise!).

Much of my time has also been taken up by sitting on numerous panels – one fitness for practice panel in particular. 7 hours later we finally managed to make a decision on whether the student was fit for practice. A member of the Students’ Union will always sit on these panels alongside staff from the University and help make decisions on the outcomes of students’ futures.

This last month also saw my first Faculty Board. I gave a short presentation to the other attendees highlighting who I was, my role and what my aims were for the year. For future boards I can submit papers, so if I feel anything needs to be changed on behalf of you, this is one way of potential bringing in positive changes.

Last Monday (26th) we had our first scheduled meeting with directorate (the guys who run the University) and we discussed a number of issues including accommodation, Pontins, hidden fees and The Hub. Outside of this, I have also been talking to a number of members of staff from both the faculty and the SU about the course rep system and how we can give those elected reps the best possible chance of bringing about positive change.

Recently I have been dealing with an issue brought to me by a cohort from Key Stage 2/3 maths which I raised with Phil Rigby (Head of Secondary) in a meeting on Monday.

And last but not least, we have finally had our corporate photos taken. Some of them have already been uploaded to our facebook page!/edgehillsu and will be on our new website shortly

If you’ve made it this far then thank you. I know it’s long but this is what happens when you don’t blog for a month. I hope you are all settling in well whether you are a first year, returning student or postgraduate. All the best for the coming week or two and feel free to contact me if you need anything J

Vice President Faculty of Education
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