I like my things to be Absolut-ly unique

So Absolut Vodka have created a selection of nearly four million limited edition unique bottles. Having said they used 35 different colours and 51 patterns they let their machinery and spray guns loose and loved the finished product! As do I… I think these bottles are so pretty but I would never be able to open it. Definitely a collectors item for anyone who loves Vodka! Although four million may seem like a lot – I’m sure they will sell out in no-time.

And in true Absolut style the campaigns that follow have been amazing. Loving the colours and the fact that they really are all different!!

Absolut have also done their maths and calculated that 94 quintillion bottles (that would be enough for 13 billion bottles per person – enough to last you a lifetime) could be produced before two became identical. And of course they aren’t go to risk that so watch this interesting video on how they are made, how unique they are and then get your hands on one before they have all gone! And I personally think they will make great gifts and you can buy the receiver their favourite colour…

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