Social Experiments

Having returned from Holiday and finding out a release date for the iPhone 5 I was excited to research, see the differences and know more information. I stumbled across this on my Internet Travels. I found it funny, creative and interesting. I hope you do too!

I have always found physchology and social experiments like this interesting. People’s reactions to things and what they say and believe regardless of the situation is sometimes very funny. In this case it is great and I genuinely believe most people would be like this. I have the iPhone 4 and if somebody gave me the 4S and told me it was the 5; regardless of having seen, used and held many iPhone 5’s I would most likely do the same. We always think that if we were in that situation we would know, of course we would, that is is the same, feels the same, weighs the same, is just as fast as the current one. But under pressure we, as humans feel the need to believe what people say and we have no reason to distrust them… However this is very clever and enjoyable! Let’s all learn the differences before we get caught out doing something equally silly.

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