Finally – Snaps from The Opening Ceremony of The Paralympics

So, I have just come to the bittersweet end of my work at the Olympics/Paralympics. It has been great fun; thanks to all the organisers, volunteers, employees and of course The Athletes – it has been a phenomenal month for me. I have worked with and met some of the most well established people in the Rowing Industry and seen Gold Medals…


But I must say one of the biggest highlights for me was attending the Opening Ceremony of The Paralympic Games. I took part in the ‘World’s Largest Apple Crunch’ – which consisted of the 80,000 spectators and the people stage simultaneously biting into an Apple! This was tied into the theme of ‘Englightenment’ which covered Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity (hence the apple) development of literature, science, sport and ability! It was amazing. For those of you who watched at home, I’m sure you also felt the buzz and achievement of our country for being the birthplace of the Paralympics and the hosts this year!


I’ve attached a few photos to this post so you can all have a sneaky peak inside the Stadium! Enjoy…

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