OTT Wedding Ads

So, I have just seen an advert on BBC for Sharon returning to EastEnders. Forgive me if I am wrong, because I don’t watch it, but I have never seen an advert like this before! Maybe it’s because at University the girls had Hollyoaks on and Channel 4 so I am better acquainted with their advertising but this EastEnders one reflects the Hollyoaks ones so much in my opinion. The drama, the colours, the darkness, music and suspense all screams Hollyoaks to me though. See for yourself what you think… I loved the Hollyoaks wedding advert because it was new to me and it was like a short film of it’s own, completely over the top and dramatised. Not too sure it’s a template that can be applied too often though! I enjoy the fact that the BBC portrayed her as a hurricane though – hurricane Sharon – she’s back. I don’t know the storyline in EastEnders so I don’t know the relevance or reference to the wedding dress etc but the similarities are there for me.


EastEnders –


Hollyoaks –


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