The Olympics is here!

So who watched the Opening Ceremony? Do we think they did Great Britain proud? Minus the vague stereotypical tendencies and the portrayal of lots of ‘English’ things that were actually American (or Disney) I thought it was great… The countries parading round was excellent and really helped me. As I am working at the Olympic Rowing Lake with the Athletes it allowed me to familiarise myself with some of the people I might see and who they were and where they come from.

Thus far (it’s been two days) it’s been great. The Athletes are interesting and chilled out – it’s only a matter of time and medals until the level of tenseness in the room rises! They eat a lot and I mean A LOT. Something like three breakfasts and four lunches for some of the guys… Wow!

And of course in the evening I have been catching what I can on Television so the gymnastics, swimming, diving and cycling have been highlights so far and they really are doing Team GB proud. It’s phenomenal to see how we have pulled everything together (let’s not mention the Korean flag mixup!) And we have proved all the skeptics wrong. I hope this positivity and pure energy that we, as a nation and the countries involved, are exerting continues throughout the Olympics and on to the Paralympics. Supporting Team GB and good luck to all the other countries during this competition. Here’s a photo (taken from the Internet) of where I am working. I’m by the boathouse at the finish line if you can see it ­čśÇ


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