Feel the Colour!

This campaign featuring Kate is wonderful. Dove, as we all know and love are a reliable and well established brand who strive to make people feel beautiful. Their most famous campaign being the video where they showed all the enhancements made to an ‘ordinary’ girl to make her a poster girl. We know that they make women all around the world feel beautiful and happy in their own skin and just the way they are. Women of all shapes and sizes have been used across a multimedia platform of campaigns for Dove and I think it’s great.



This video is really clever, really nice and at the end when we realise Kate is blind it ties the whole advert together. Not only are Dove enforcing equality on all levels by endorsing a blind women in their adverts but it truly means something to Kate. I don’t know or understand as I have never had troubles with my sight how it is to feel colour but this advert really gives a sense of what colours are linked to what. It is all round clever and beautiful. There is something so solemn yet happy about it and they way colour is promoted – even by those who can’t see it! Try ‘watching’ it with your eyes closed – I did and it really sounds how it looks (if that makes sense.) Try it!

When choosing a hair colour next time or talking to someone about hair colour, this advert will really stick in my head and I will know to try or suggest the new hair colours by Dove.

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