A Visitor For The Weekend

This Weekend my Brother and his friend came to visit me at University for the first time, despite having been here for a year and a half! Neither of them had been anywhere around this area before so I decided to give them a tourist weekend in Ormskirk, Liverpool and Southport!

Because I live here I’m used to it and don’t realise how beautiful Ormskirk really is and how much there is to do – let alone the fact that everything is SO close… Friday Night I took them for a meal in Ormskirk at Left Bank which is a delicious restaurant and we continued the night at The Forum where we had cocktails and danced the night away!

On Saturday we went to Liverpool, we walked around areas I had not been in before and discovered a whole new world of shops, as well as showing them the great architecture of Liverpool One itself (a brilliant shopping centre with everything you could possibly want!)


On Sunday we went to Southport, drove along the seafront and showed them the Sea, considering we’re not near any kind of Sea where I am from and then we went back to Liverpool but down to the Albert Docks, where we looked across the Mersey and went to the Liverpool Museum and the Liverpool Tate which allowed the boys to learn more about Liverpool and me too! There were some great inspiring artistic pieces in the Tate and now I have some new ideas for adverts!

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