I like my things to be Absolut-ly unique

So Absolut Vodka have created a selection of nearly four million limited edition unique bottles. Having said they used 35 different colours and 51 patterns they let their machinery and spray guns loose and loved the finished product! As do I… I think these bottles are so pretty but I would never be able to open it. Definitely a collectors item for anyone who loves Vodka! Although four million may seem like a lot – I’m sure they will sell out in no-time.

And in true Absolut style the campaigns that follow have been amazing. Loving the colours and the fact that they really are all different!!

Absolut have also done their maths and calculated that 94 quintillion bottles (that would be enough for 13 billion bottles per person – enough to last you a lifetime) could be produced before two became identical. And of course they aren’t go to risk that so watch this interesting video on how they are made, how unique they are and then get your hands on one before they have all gone! And I personally think they will make great gifts and you can buy the receiver their favourite colour…

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Social Experiments

Having returned from Holiday and finding out a release date for the iPhone 5 I was excited to research, see the differences and know more information. I stumbled across this on my Internet Travels. I found it funny, creative and interesting. I hope you do too!

I have always found physchology and social experiments like this interesting. People’s reactions to things and what they say and believe regardless of the situation is sometimes very funny. In this case it is great and I genuinely believe most people would be like this. I have the iPhone 4 and if somebody gave me the 4S and told me it was the 5; regardless of having seen, used and held many iPhone 5’s I would most likely do the same. We always think that if we were in that situation we would know, of course we would, that is is the same, feels the same, weighs the same, is just as fast as the current one. But under pressure we, as humans feel the need to believe what people say and we have no reason to distrust them… However this is very clever and enjoyable! Let’s all learn the differences before we get caught out doing something equally silly.

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Finally – Snaps from The Opening Ceremony of The Paralympics

So, I have just come to the bittersweet end of my work at the Olympics/Paralympics. It has been great fun; thanks to all the organisers, volunteers, employees and of course The Athletes – it has been a phenomenal month for me. I have worked with and met some of the most well established people in the Rowing Industry and seen Gold Medals…


But I must say one of the biggest highlights for me was attending the Opening Ceremony of The Paralympic Games. I took part in the ‘World’s Largest Apple Crunch’ – which consisted of the 80,000 spectators and the people stage simultaneously biting into an Apple! This was tied into the theme of ‘Englightenment’ which covered Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity (hence the apple) development of literature, science, sport and ability! It was amazing. For those of you who watched at home, I’m sure you also felt the buzz and achievement of our country for being the birthplace of the Paralympics and the hosts this year!


I’ve attached a few photos to this post so you can all have a sneaky peak inside the Stadium! Enjoy…

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Olympic Fever Returns – The Paralympics!

Let’s all get behind TeamGB once again (or your respective countries) and continue supporting our Olympians. The Paralympics, which contrary to popular belief means ‘parallel olympics.’ Many people think it is a take on paraplegic or paralysed and I only learnt it was in fact parallel last week. This fact made me very happy to know that it wasn’t discrimination or a large label saying DISABLED. And I quite like the idea of the Parallel Olympics.

So let’s not let our teams down and support them as we did the Olympics – let’s tune in to Channel 4 and watch our successes!!!

Last night I had the honour of attending the Paralympic Opening Ceremony with my family as we were lucky enough to get tickets! It was phenomenal. I will write a proper, more detailed post on this later and once I have uploaded some photos!!

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Oreo Calendar…

This gallery contains 44 photos.

This year as it is Oreo’s 100th Birthday they are celebrating other Birthday’s and Key Historical Events.   I have been following this campaign on Facebook for a few weeks now and it is great, I urge you all to … Continue reading

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Don’t Stop Me Now…

What song is more appropriate for our Team GB Olympic Medallists? ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen has been completely lip-synced by Team GB and featuring Jessica Ennis,  Sir Chris Hoy, Louis Smith and Victoria Pendleton. And who better to be the Director than Beckham? This amusing, fun-loving, group collaboration and celebration of the London 2012 Olympic Games and Team GB is great! They must have had lots of fun filming this too… Enjoy! Adidas truly did sponsor these games to the best of their ability!



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Goodbye Olympics!

What an Olympic Games it has been. Congratulations to London 2012! I was lucky enough to be at every rowing, canoeing and some of the kayaking events due to my Job at ‘Eton Dorney Rowing Lake’ and wow. It was phenomenal. The atmosphere was amazing and as a GB resident – I felt proud!

But as we say goodbye to London 2012, we say goodbye to some of the best adverts, the best campaigns, the best sponsors and some of the best rivalry.

So, released just before the Olympics Opening Ceremony and filmed in various locations with ‘London’ in the name – whilst avoiding our Capital ‘London’ and avoiding breaking the rules was the Nike Advert. Focussed at Athletes and sports, it was very clearly centred to focus on London 2012 without mentioning it. If they had mentioned it, it would have been illegal and ‘Ambush Marketing.’ Luckily for them they were very clever and avoided any major backlash. But wow is this controversially close to ambush marketing the official sponsors – Adidas!


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Olympic Cheer!

So spreading a bit of Olympic Cheer – I am having the time of my life working at the Rowing Lake which is great fun and I get to meet lots of medallists and see the Lake in all it’s glory! I have been watching the events in the evenings and when I have had spare time and as ever, short and sweet, the 100m! What an excellent event and what a record for Bolt. He truly is a very very fast man. Thus, I have found a creative and amusing video giving you a brief history of the 100metres. Including highlights of ‘Nazi huff’ and ‘cheating Canadian’ it is well worth a watch.

As you all know I love a bit of creativity and the odd quirky video and I love a good old sped up illustration, so enjoy!!



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OTT Wedding Ads

So, I have just seen an advert on BBC for Sharon returning to EastEnders. Forgive me if I am wrong, because I don’t watch it, but I have never seen an advert like this before! Maybe it’s because at University the girls had Hollyoaks on and Channel 4 so I am better acquainted with their advertising but this EastEnders one reflects the Hollyoaks ones so much in my opinion. The drama, the colours, the darkness, music and suspense all screams Hollyoaks to me though. See for yourself what you think… I loved the Hollyoaks wedding advert because it was new to me and it was like a short film of it’s own, completely over the top and dramatised. Not too sure it’s a template that can be applied too often though! I enjoy the fact that the BBC portrayed her as a hurricane though – hurricane Sharon – she’s back. I don’t know the storyline in EastEnders so I don’t know the relevance or reference to the wedding dress etc but the similarities are there for me.


EastEnders – http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00wltz9


Hollyoaks – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bu2sW-r9Vb4


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The Olympics is here!

So who watched the Opening Ceremony? Do we think they did Great Britain proud? Minus the vague stereotypical tendencies and the portrayal of lots of ‘English’ things that were actually American (or Disney) I thought it was great… The countries parading round was excellent and really helped me. As I am working at the Olympic Rowing Lake with the Athletes it allowed me to familiarise myself with some of the people I might see and who they were and where they come from.

Thus far (it’s been two days) it’s been great. The Athletes are interesting and chilled out – it’s only a matter of time and medals until the level of tenseness in the room rises! They eat a lot and I mean A LOT. Something like three breakfasts and four lunches for some of the guys… Wow!

And of course in the evening I have been catching what I can on Television so the gymnastics, swimming, diving and cycling have been highlights so far and they really are doing Team GB proud. It’s phenomenal to see how we have pulled everything together (let’s not mention the Korean flag mixup!) And we have proved all the skeptics wrong. I hope this positivity and pure energy that we, as a nation and the countries involved, are exerting continues throughout the Olympics and on to the Paralympics. Supporting Team GB and good luck to all the other countries during this competition. Here’s a photo (taken from the Internet) of where I am working. I’m by the boathouse at the finish line if you can see it 😀


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