Getting a job!

Having been at uni since September 2009, although I’ve worked for a lot of different places during this time, the money doesn’t always cover your outgoings! In third year I only worked a few times to keep me going so I’m well into my overdraft with little left of it! So I finished uni last Thursday and have been applying for jobs for a few weeks, I attended an interview in Manchester for a data processing job on Tuesday and found out last night I got the job! I’m so happy and really excited to be starting work.

Although the job isn’t related to teaching, which is what I originally wanted to go into, I have decided to take the job as its a 12 month contract and if teaching really is what I want to do I will come back to it in a year. So that is my plan, I jet off on my holidays tomorrow for a week in Portugal, I can’t wait to get away from this wet horrible weather! I start the job on the 28th. I will blog to let you know how it all goes! Good luck with any exams you may have I know its all very stressful at this time of year! 🙂

Grad Ball!

Saturday night was Grad Ball and it was one of the most amazing nights ever, I loved every minute of it! It was at Aintree Race Course and started at half 7. Me and a few others from my table started drinking and celebrating a little bit earlier at the house we were staying at. It was great seeing everyone all dressed up for it, everyone looked stunning!

We had a 3 course meal of vegetable soup, chicken and vegetables and apple pie and ice cream, food was basic but ok suppose they had to suit over 400 people so it couldn’t be too extravagant! Anyway because we had been to my friends house beforehand she had done some nibbles for us so we werent that hungry and didnt eat much of our meal.

Then the lights dimmed and we had drunk enough to pluck up the courage to have a dance. The dj was good and it was a friends birthday so we had a few history related shout outs! The night ended about half 1 and we were being ushered out by the doormen! Then we went back to the house we were staying at to drink a little bit more! It was an amazing night and I’ve attached a picture of a few of us before the meal!

Three years coming to an end

In academic terms I finish my course on Thursday, that is my exam day. But in social terms its all over on Saturday which is the Graduation Ball, which I am so excited about now. I’ve spent hours revising for this exam, which is on Black Life and Protest in America and is the only exam you do in third year. Unfortunately, it doesn’t ease the nerves, I’m a nervous wreck already and just cant wait for half past 5 on Thursday to come now. But as a reward for the three years there has been a third year history night out after the exam. I will definitely be celebrating regardless of how well the exam goes!

Graduation Ball is going to be at Aintree Race Course and I am so ready for it! I’ve got my dress, shoes, bag, booked my hair appointment etc! I’m so excited. I’m practically counting down the hours and minutes! It will be a great night and a great way to say goodbye to so many people. I think for the remainder of the week I will be a mix of emotions sad and happy, relieved but gutted it will all be over!


This year I have just one exam which is very relieving when I had 4 exams in two weeks last year (don’t know how I survived). I think like most people I find exams so difficult and I get very nervous beforehand. So at the minute I’m quite stressed out haha! I’ve moved quite a bit of my stuff out of my uni room and back home, the sad realisation that my degree is coming to an end. But amongst that and catching up with a few people I have to revise.

I personally never know how to revise I tend to sit and write notes out and attempt the odd past paper. I think everyone prefers a different method but one of my lecturers said, and this probably only really applies to History or courses that involved a lot of reading, that you should read something new about the subject your revising, don’t just go over your notes, read something fresh. So that is my plan. The 10th of May is my exam and I’m sure many of you have exams and final assignments and assessments coming up, May is always very stressful, but try and enjoy your revision, think of heading to Edge Hill in September and hopefully that will motivate you!

Good luck with exams and I’ll blog soon.

Last week in uni!

So this is my final week in uni and I don’t even have lectures, they finished last week! i’m in this week for presentations and to hand my last uni assignments in! I have a presentation later this morning (very nervous) I have to discuss my dissertation for 10mins! Which I’ve planned for and its not too difficult as I’ve wrote 8500 words for it! So definitely have enough to say, its just the prospect of doing a presentation.

Then I have a presentation tomorrow morning too, this is about the extended essay I hand in on Friday and I’m not too concerned over the work and not being able to discuss it because I can, as part of the seminars fro that module you have to do a presentation to the class so it won’t be too difficult.

After that is all over I hand in two assignments on Friday – one on the partition of Palestine and the extended essay. So I still have lots to do but after this week I only come in for an exam which is in May. So I’ll be heading back home with all my books  to start revising. Anyway time for another practise of the presentation. Blog soon.

Dissertation = Completed!!

Well at many points through my third year I thought I might never have seen the day but its here … I have finished my dissertation! Definitely feels like a huge weight off my shoulders! As some of you may not know I’ll just talk you through what I have had to do to get this  completed and if some of you are interested in doing a dissertation this is the sort thing it will entail.

So around this time last year I picked my options for my third year. I always wanted to do a dissertation because I believe it would be a great achievement and really rewarding. I had also recently been to Dublin and wanted to do something relating to Irish nationalists. I spoke to one of my tutors who advised me to read a few books on the topic and get some ideas together. I decided to look at how the Wilsonian Moment affected Irish nationalists. This covered 1917 through to 1920.  I was told because I was going to look at Ireland and because you need primary sources for it that I would have to go to Dublin again to look in the archives.

I was really excited and went to Dublin over the summer to get my primary sources. I spent 3 days there in total and spent time at University College Dublin and the National Library of Ireland. It was great looking at all the documents from that time and constructing my ideas. When I came back I knew there was still a lot to do and I hadn’t got all my primary sources but thankfully there was a few websites that had the old Irish newspapers on so I could do the work while I was at uni.

From the start of third year onward I began seeing my supervisor who advised me on secondary reading and starting to write the actual dissertation and from February this year I have been writing and re-drafting! Now it is finished and I am so relieved, it really is a great feeling. I hand the whole thing in tomorrow and will definitely need a drink to celebrate!

Enjoying the sun

Well what a heat wave we have had! The weather has been so nice and thanks to the great timetables at Edge Hill I have had the week off. I started my Easter a week ago and I have been so busy. I’ve come back to Burnley to catch up with my family and friends, but I have lots of work to do. So I haven’t had much chance to just relax and enjoy a bit of time. I still have lots of writing and reading to do but thankfully that had all been made better because I can sit outside and do my work in the sun! Which is what I plan on doing for as long as the sun is here for! (Probably not all that long though – typical British weather and all that!)

Another thing that is getting me through the work is the fact that I graduate soon! Its graduation ball on the 12th May and the Graduation ceremony in July. Quite scary but so exciting! I spent a whole day doing work last week and as I reward I went on a hunt for my graduation ball dress and I have it! I absolutely love it. Not revealing any details though, there might be a picture up from the ball after! Anyways enjoy the sun…I’m sure it wont be here for much longer! Blog soon 🙂

Planning my life

The title of this blog sounds like I am a very organised person and that I am putting a plan for the rest of my life together…afraid not! I’m sure some of you remember I have been to a couple of interviews for PGCE to teach History in Secondary Schools. Unfortunately I have not succeeded in getting a place on the programme at Edge Hill or the University of Cumbria. It was really devastating news and I cried for a long while. I received feedback and basically I haven’t got enough classroom based experience, given many of the other candidates were Teaching Assistants and Cover supervisors it is hard to see how I would have got a place anyway so now I’m starting to realise the positives that have come out of it. Firstly there is a possibility if someone drops out at Edge Hill that I might actually get a place but it is unlikely. Secondly, it means I can look for a job and hopefully work within a school for a year and apply again when my experience has been increased. Thirdly getting a job means getting money and I can then afford little luxuries that you can’t always afford being a student. Finally, my experience will enhance my knowledge and allow me to develop an understanding of the TA or Cover Supervisor role when in the long run I do become a teacher.

So it isn’t all doom and gloom. Thankfully the careers department have provided me with details of where these jobs are located and put me in contact with a few recruitment specialists for these roles. Also my tutor has been really re-assuring and has encouraged me to gain further experience and to apply again. So i am still going into a local school on a Friday and hopefully over Easter I can have a proper look for jobs in the area I want to work in.  Anyway at the minute my dissertation is taking prominence, I’m over half way through so the end is in sight! Blog soon 🙂


So it is that time of year again. The Student’s Union elections. Possibly one of the most important weeks for the university students as it allows us to listen to everyone’s ideas, read their manifestos, take part in their campaigns and most important vote for the candidate we believe is most suitable for the position. Also it is so easy to vote this year all you do is log in online and cast your vote…. very simple!

The most important posts are President, Vice President ( Faculty of Education, Faculty of Health and Faculty of Arts and Sciences). If I listed the rest of the posts I would be here a while! Anyway there is a competition in all 4 of these categories and everyone has had to up their game for the last couple of days. For example the whole campus is full of posters in support of various candidates. Also the other day one of the people running was giving out free cakes for anyone who asked how he could help them! Today I was in uni and one of the candidates was singing with a guitar in the Hub (doing a very good job too!) So this week has been hectic for everyone involved. Voting shuts on the 14th and after that it won’t be long till we find out who will be representing the Students Union when you all arrive in September!

Second Attempt at PGCE

Unfortunately due to the pressure of numbers and the great experience of much of the competition at my PGCE interview at Edge Hill I failed to secure a firm place. I was absolutely devastated but there is hope, I have been placed on Edge Hill’s reserve list so if anyone drops out or there is a problem relating to their CRB it is possible I could have a place at Edge Hill, however, I think this is quite a long shot and was so upset when I found out.

Unlike UCAS in which your application goes to all your choices at the same time, for PGCE your application doesn’t go to your second choice till your first choice says no, if that makes sense. So when I found out that I hadn’t been offered a firm place at Edge Hill I knew my application would go to my next choice – the University of Cumbria. Thankfully they did not receive my application too late and a few weeks ago I found out I had been offered an interview for the 9th of March. Wooo! haha so I felt really excited that I had another chance to get on. Now i need to just practice typical questions for my formal interview. Wish me luck and i’ll let you know how I get on 🙂