The cat is out of the bag! Our new name is….


A catalyst for change for the Edge Hill Community, creating a reaction and inspiring change.

Our new name is very fitting for our purpose within the Edge Hill Community. We are one of the first university’s in the UK to bring together the Library, Learning Services, Student Services and Careers all under one roof and offer a single enquiry point for students and staff.


Construction of Catalyst is progressing well and September has seen the installation of stairs, concrete floors and the start of the steelwork on the eastern side of the building.


We also launched our ‘Chair Fair’ this month and if you haven’t been to test them out yet, what are you waiting for?! Library Cat has chosen his favourite!


Grab a few pals and get a game of musical chairs on the go, just don’t forget to share your feedback with us and tell us which is your favourite chair before you leave! (The current winner is Chair No.14, it is pretty comfortable!)


The Chair Fair is taking place on the ground floor of the Library with a selection of 22 chairs from a number of suppliers for staff and students to try and will run until approximately 6th October.



Project Manager