Summer of Steel

It’s the end of August already?!

Summer is nearly over and whilst most of us have had chance for a break and to recharge our batteries ready for the new academic year, work on the new Library, Careers & Student Services building has been constant and the building is going up fast!

The John Turner Construction Group have been appointed as the Principal Contractor for the new building.

Celebrating 110 years in business this year, The John Turner Construction Group was initially formed in 1907 as a building and civil engineering contractor and has grown to be one of the North West regions most respected construction companies. They have worked with Edge Hill on a number of past projects including the Tech Hub, Creative Edge, Business School, Student Hub, 12 phases of student residential accommodation and the Sports Centre.

The primary steel work for the new building is progressing well and construction can be seen across campus! The steel work is approximately 18 metres high and should be complete by mid-October. Following the completion of the steelwork the concrete floors will go down; and keep any eye out for the roof going on shortly, construction for that is due to start in September!

Below is a collection of photos gathered over the last 4-5 weeks showing the progression of the steel structure. You can also watch a time-lapse video of the build from early July to the end of August.

Thanks to Steve Macavoy and Mike Stores for some great photos and Dan Hall for the time-lapse video.

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Project Manager


The Cave

We are very fortunate to have some fantastic technology here on campus including the CAVE (Computer Augmented Virtual Environment) housed in our Tech Hub!

By using what I can only describe as magic (or really clever technology that I have no understanding of) colleagues have created a 3D model of the new Library, Careers and Student Services building which you can interact with in the CAVE.

You can move around the outside of the building, looking at the exterior walls, cladding and roof lights; then fly through the main entrance to the ground floor, up the stairs to the first and second floor housing some of the 250,000 library books, and up to the third floor for silent study and the outdoor terrace with views over campus.

Now some imagination is required, even magic has its limitations! The design of furniture and interior are very basic, giving a clear indication of how space will be used but not how the furniture will look or what colour the walls will be.

Colleagues from Careers, Learning Services and Student Services have been taking advantage of this opportunity and visited the CAVE last week. They were even kind enough to let me take photos of them in their lovely 3D glasses!

A huge thank you to Peter Vangorp for letting us utilise the CAVE and for his excellent driving skills navigating the 3D model.


Project Manager

Entrance to the CAVE
The screen in the CAVE
3D glasses
3D Controller glasses
Happy participants!
More happy participants!
Ground Floor
Second Floor – View 1
Second Floor – View 2
Second Floor – View 3

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

It’s been a while since our last blog post and so much has happened over the last few months with Edge Hill’s Big Build! We aim to update you more frequently over the coming weeks and months and you can now follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more news and updates! @ehubigbuild

You can also keep up to date with how the build is progressing through our Live Webcam! The Webcam and GoPro are now up and running and both are situated on the top of Creative Edge in the Roof Garden.

The Webcam streams live 24/7 so you can keep an eye on progress at any time of the day

The GoPro also records 24/7 and will be used to create some timelapse videos as the build progresses. Keep an eye out on the blog and social media for a timelapse video coming soon!

Thanks to Dan Hall in our Media Production Team for setting these up!

We look forward to sharing more news and updates with you as the build progresses.

Lindsay McBride

Project Manager