Researcher warns that Government Strategy for Social Mobility misled by a statistical trap

Research by Warwick Business School at the University of Warwick warns that a key Government Strategy for Social Mobility is placing considerable reliance on a table which is simply replicating a well known statistical trap or artifact that may not be the true picture.

The policy proposal put forward by Nick Clegg in a strategy document published by the Government at the start of this month entitled: “Opening Doors, Breaking Barriers: A Strategy for Social Mobility” puts a great deal of faith in a graph that appears to show that children from poor families of high ability massively underachieve relative to children from wealthy families of similar ability, and that conversely children from wealthy families of low ability massively overachieve relative to children from poor families matched on ability.

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Human rights teaching reduces bullying, study finds

This article in The Guardian, Tuesday 2 November 2010, makes for interesting reading and has some significant outcomes:

Unicef project in hundreds of UK schools helps to foster calmer classrooms and a reduction in bullying and truancy

Teaching children about their human rights can reduce bullying and exclusions, improve relations with teachers and create a calmer atmosphere for learning, according to an academic study published today.

A Unicef UK project running in more than 1,000 schools across Britain teaches pupils about their rights and responsibilities, and encourages them to draw up charters for classroom behaviour.

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