Human rights teaching reduces bullying, study finds

This article in The Guardian, Tuesday 2 November 2010, makes for interesting reading and has some significant outcomes:

Unicef project in hundreds of UK schools helps to foster calmer classrooms and a reduction in bullying and truancy

Teaching children about their human rights can reduce bullying and exclusions, improve relations with teachers and create a calmer atmosphere for learning, according to an academic study published today.

A Unicef UK project running in more than 1,000 schools across Britain teaches pupils about their rights and responsibilities, and encourages them to draw up charters for classroom behaviour.

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More about PSHE

The PSHE Association provides an excellent starting point for ideas and resources re. delivering effective PSHE in schools.

Some food for thought here from Maggie Walker, Deputy CEO and director of curriculum at Asdan (an educational charity and skills-based awarding body: – she advocates the need for PSHE to become statutory in schools if we are to educate and develop our pupils’ holistically

Teachers back call for pregnancy clinics in schools

Schools would be ideally placed to help pregnant teenage girls, say teaching unions

 Jessica Shepherd education correspondent

Antenatal clinics should be set up in schools to care for pregnant teenagers  Wednesday 22 September 2010 10.42 BST

Teachers today welcomed proposals to set up antenatal clinics in schools to care for pregnant teenagers.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, a major health watchdog, said research showed pregnant women under 20 often felt excluded from antenatal care in hospitals.

It suggests midwives go into schools to carry out health checks and offer advice. Teaching unions said schools were “trusted hubs within their communities” and would be ideally placed to help pregnant teenage girls.

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