Human rights teaching reduces bullying, study finds

This article in The Guardian, Tuesday 2 November 2010, makes for interesting reading and has some significant outcomes:

Unicef project in hundreds of UK schools helps to foster calmer classrooms and a reduction in bullying and truancy

Teaching children about their human rights can reduce bullying and exclusions, improve relations with teachers and create a calmer atmosphere for learning, according to an academic study published today.

A Unicef UK project running in more than 1,000 schools across Britain teaches pupils about their rights and responsibilities, and encourages them to draw up charters for classroom behaviour.

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Are parents to blame for bad behaviour in schools?

Education experts have told MPs that many parents set a bad example to their children, for example, by encouraging them to ‘hit back’.

Parents are undermining teachers’ efforts to improve children’s behaviour by setting a bad example, MPs heard today.

Education experts told the cross-party commons education select committee that parents were increasingly in conflict with teachers over what constitutes good behaviour.

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Teachers given power to punish outside school

Pupils will be disciplined for bad behaviour in town centres

By Michael Savage, Political Correspondent

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Headteachers will be given greater powers to punish pupils for bad behaviour outside school in a fresh attempt to tackle anti-social conduct, the Education Secretary, Michael Gove, said yesterday.

New guidance will be handed out to teachers, making it explicit that they can step in to discipline their students for misbehaving before or after school, or at the weekends.

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