• SDG 1: No Poverty
    The SDGs can be hard to teach, especially with ones such as the first: poverty. I think it’s important to understand the context/concept of what you’re wanting the children to know before you think about anything else. Are you looking at poverty in the UK or another country? Why are you looking at poverty? Are… Read more: SDG 1: No Poverty
  • Plastic Bottle Planters
    Plastic is a problem and it has been for a while, but thanks to the work of many environmentalists, we are finally seeing the frightening depth of this issue. Plastic is a great material for many reasons but we need to be conscious of our buying habits and lifestyle choices: single-use plastic needs to be… Read more: Plastic Bottle Planters
  • Easy changes you can make to reduce your plastic use
    I have watched every David Attenborough documentary that has ever been released. After watching them, I’d feel guilty for the plastic bottle that I bought that day or for using a straw in a restaurant, but the feeling wouldn’t last long and I’d be back to using pointless, single-use plastic again the day after. However,… Read more: Easy changes you can make to reduce your plastic use
  • Pre-owned Books and the Environment
    I love Ormskirk, I fell in love with this town immediately. The first time I visited was after an Open Day. I walked around the town and there was (still is) bunting hung all around the centre of town, there was a young girl busking at the centre next to a gorgeous clock tower and… Read more: Pre-owned Books and the Environment
  • World Environment Day
    For World Environment Day – Greening the Blue #BeatAirPollution
  • One Plastic Bag
    Just wanted to share a link after hearing about this amazing story book.  Check out the ideas for re-using old plastic bags as well as teacher worksheets and guides.
  • World Oceans Day – June 2019
      World Ocean Day is a celebration of our ocean connection. This year it falls on 8th June, which is a Saturday, so it is being celebrated in schools on Friday 7th June. You can find more information, and sign up for free resources at worldoceansday.org      
  • Greener Schools!
  • Easy tips to make school more Eco friendly
    Encourage pupils to walk to school: You could have a sticker chart to encourage not driving everyday. Alternatively, for pupils who live far away, suggest parking a little further back and walking some. Teacher Involvement: Using as many electronic copies of work as possible instead of printing out, reusable crockery in the staff room, car sharing… Read more: Easy tips to make school more Eco friendly
  • Sustainability in your classroom
    ‘Creativity is making marvelous out of the discarded.’ An effective way to get the idea of sustainability across to children is through getting them actively involved and encouraging it in their every day life. So, what better place to do it than in their classroom! Reading corners are an integral part of the primary classroom… Read more: Sustainability in your classroom