Jordan’s scholarship helps to make every second count

Last week we introduced you to one of our new Sports Scholarship winners for academic year 2014/15. This week, one of our class of 2013/14 has been in touch to update us on how his first year has been and how receiving an Excellence Scholarship for Prospective Students has helped him in unforeseen ways. Meet Jordan Rollins, a Year 2 student on our BA (Hons) Advertising degree.

“I have always had a keen interest in advertising. The power and influence of the advertising industry fascinates me. I therefore selected Creative Media Productions at college and it was here that one of my documentaries was nominated for 2011 Co-op Film of the Year and I had a film trailer and music video shown at the Curzon Theatre in London. I then went on to study at University but this was not Edge Hill. I originally started an Advertising and Design degree at a different University but dropped out because my mum was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer and I knew I didn’t have long left with her. I worked in various jobs, including for a marketing company based in London, and worked personally on various advertising and art based projects in my spare time, such as logo designs and posters for bands including the Essex-based group ‘Beat Surgeon/Freddie Cardwell’ and ‘Eastbound and Down’. However, my mum knew how much I missed university life and made me promise I would go back in 2014, so I did. This is where my experiences during my year out helped as I was able to write about this in my scholarship application and hopefully, along with my previous achievements, it portrayed to the selection panel my passion and dedication to this area. To my delight, I received a call stating I had been successful in my scholarship application and I am so glad that the panel saw potential in my application as it has helped me out tremendously.

I originally wanted to save the scholarship money so that I could travel to volunteer in Africa after University or in one of the summer breaks but, as is sometimes the case, my plans had to be changed and sacrifices made. By November, when I received my first payment as a scholar, my mum’s health had deteriorated and I knew that the financial support of the scholarship needed to be spent on travel expenses to London to visit her in hospital. The scholarship gave me the option of not working part time and allowed me to return home and spend time with my mum as often as possible. This is something I will always be grateful for. The scholarships are designed to support people and it certainly helped me, maybe not in the way I originally wished for, but nonetheless the opportunity to spend as much time with my mum is something that couldn’t be beaten.

I have enjoyed my first year at Edge Hill and the Advertising degree. I used the money I had left from the first year of the scholarship and with my wages I have purchased a Macbook Pro along with various Adobe software. This has not only enabled me to work on University projects but also helped me to work on projects away from University and continue developing my own portfolio. In fact, over the summer I have designed the logo and business card for a local company ‘Howard and Williams Carpenters’. Talking about developing my portfolio, I am now looking forward to a three week trip to New Zealand, were most people would go to travel around and see the sights (which, don’t get me wrong, I am hoping to do!), but I am also hoping to book a day with Saatchi and Saatchi for a portfolio critique and to see how an advertising agency is run first hand.”