David directs himself to the top

With the academic year coming to the end, we caught up with David Kaye, one of the winners of our Excellence Scholarships for Current Students.

David reflected on his achievements this year and spoke about his future aspirations, particularly upon graduation next summer following the final year of his degree in BA (Hons) Film and Television Production which commences in September.

“I was awarded an Excellence Scholarship for my work in film and video production. For the past three years, I have been working as a co-director for ‘One Touch Media Online’ which specialise in film and video. During this time I have taken part in over twenty productions such as short films, music videos, documentaries, promotional videos, advertisements and many other types of projects.

This year I have purchased an Apple mac, editing and sound software, camera and equipment, which without the scholarship I would have been unable to have purchased. Owning these has allowed me to take on more projects, which has not only helped me to develop but has also assisted my peers who are involved and expand their portfolios. I have been able to use some of the financial support for car rentals, bus fairs and dinner to the cast and crew and of course the occasional end of project celebratory beer!

During this year, along with a couple of friends we entered the 9.88 Channel 4’s Ultra-Short Film Making Challenge. The challenge involved making a film which lasts no longer than 10 minutes. The short 10 minute film we created: ‘Take Me Back’, was a film shown in reverse and used some of the equipment that the scholarship enabled me to purchase. The film itself featured on the competition homepage and can be found below.

A lot of people focus on a specific job role but I make sure that my role changes with each project as in the future I want to direct films and to do this effectively it requires a universal understanding of film and all of its working components. So far, I have had experience with directing, producing, cinematography, lighting, sound and editing so that I can one day make this aspiration a reality.”