Mark’s success was always in the script

Having been out and about across the University promoting the scholarships, it’s been great to catch up with some of our current scholars, hearing about their latest achievements and how receiving a scholarship has helped support them.

At a recent drop-in session, Mark Syson, who was awarded an Excellence Scholarship for Current Students for his script writing and film making skills, had a chat to explain what he’s been up to since being awarded a scholarship and to share his plans for the future as he approaches the end of the final year of his BA (hons) Media, Film and Television degree.

“Receiving an On-Course Scholarship in Creative Arts has really enabled my production crew and I to push the boundaries in the current production that we are working on. For example, we are now using both live action and animation/special effects in our short which I am really excited about because it is something we haven’t used before.

Being in third year of university has added pressure. Completing a dissertation and assignments on top of managing my own production crew makes it extremely difficult to go out and film when you want to or where you want to. The scholarship money has helped take some of the pressure off and I am extremely thankful for that. For example, we have just filmed some scenes in a really nice house in Warrington Birchwood, and having that extra money has contributed to getting all the equipment there, paying for train costs, and petrol and travel costs for the actors, food and costumes.

I think gaining that recognition and appreciation for my efforts in script writing and making films has encourage me to keep going. At this very moment I am extremely proud of the script that I have written for this new production, because it hits a whole world of genres such as comedy, drama, psychological thriller. When I first wrote it, I was worried that it wouldn’t play out on screen but, after this week’s shoot, I am confident that it will.

It is such an amazing experience when your right there in the shoot and you realise your script is really coming off the page. This film will be going to film festivals around the UK and overseas as soon as it is finished and I have set some money aside to pay for festival fees. Hopefully this will promote the film in the manner it deserves, and also give me a good aspect to my CV that will help me find a career in the film and television industry when I graduate from Edge Hill University.”