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Inclusive Services: Part 4

My experience with Inclusive Services has been more than positive. I approached them myself before I began studying my Undergraduate degree because I knew I’d need some sort of support. I completed a DSA form and within a few weeks … Continue reading

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Exam Time

I luckily only have two exams before my second year is complete. My first one is tomorrow and then one next Tuesday. They’re both ‘Seen’ papers so revision has taken over my life. On the bright side, by this time … Continue reading

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Goodbye Second Year

I’m done! I’ve finished second year….I have two exams and two assignments but no teaching time! So technically I’m finished. It’s madness. I can’t believe how fast it’s gone. I was talking to my friend about it the other day … Continue reading

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I had my first exam of the year on Tuesday. And I remembered topics and quotes and all the important stuff so I was happy when I’d finished it. So, here’s a rundown to exam success: Do Don’t It’s an … Continue reading

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