Inclusive Services: Part 4

My experience with Inclusive Services has been more than positive. I approached them myself before I began studying my Undergraduate degree because I knew I’d need some sort of support. I completed a DSA form and within a few weeks had a Needs Assessment. This was an informal chat discussing the type of support, equipment and software that would assist me in my studies. It lasted for about an hour and the assessor talked me through different types of strategies and aids that could be put in place to suit my particular needs. It was a huge weight lifted from my shoulders and I no longer needed to worry about how I’d cope with University.

I was mainly worried about exams – how was I going to sit in the same position for two hours with nonstop writing? This was easily dealt with, I do an alternative assessment.

Since then I’ve had contact with Dan regarding assessments, illness and informal chats to see how I’m coping. Each time I’m on campus I see either Helen or Sally because they attend lectures/seminars to take notes for me then type them up later and email it to me. Due to my joint condition I can’t take notes all the time as my hands get very sore so it is extremely beneficial to know they are there to assist me and I won’t miss any vital information.

Inclusive Services has been a crucial part of my University life and I’m extremely grateful for all they have done. It’s hard enough having a disability but the Inclusion Team supported me whenever I needed it and made it less of a struggle. They didn’t take away my pain or cure me but they helped me cope with the essential concerns I had.

I hope this has been informative and if you have any questions pop into the SIC, there is always someone available to talk to, or drop a note to me and I’ll see if I can help.


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