Inclusive Services: Part 3

Taking up from my previous blog, this post will look at the role of a Learning Facilitator at Edge Hill University. I have had Learning Facilitators (LF’s) support me since first year and can’t even begin to describe the enormity of how amazing they are.

My LF’s at the moment are Helen Smith and Sally Walker and I wanted to know exactly what type of support they offer. I was shocked to discover that each day is different for them as timetables change and if an issue arises they try to deal with them straight away. If a student goes to an LF with a crisis, they are priority.

The type of support offered is extremely diverse and includes; note taking, sign language interpretation, guidance, social skills, practical support, study skills, as well as transitional support for students with autism. LF’s also liaise with tutors regarding students to make them aware of certain matters concerning the student.

Like Dan, Sally and Helen also mentioned the stigma surrounding disabilities; people tend to just think of physical disability but it varies from learning to social as well as physical. However they both promote the services within faculties and set up a stall on Open Days for students who think they may need some extra support.

As great as they are, they don’t do everything. It is up to the student to do their own work and the LF to help as best as they can.

Edge Hill employ 25 Learning Facilitators and each of them work with approximately 1-9 students. The hours per week vary but they generally end up taking work home with them. There is not enough recognition for the outstanding work they do. There is no manual for their job they just have to be adaptable and both expressed how great the team they work with are as they all share ideas and strategies.

Both Helen and Sally love their job and deemed it as satisfying and rewarding and take great joy when their students achieve well, grow in confidence and graduate. As well as this, they learn new subjects by attending lectures/seminars.

I am eternally grateful for the support they have given me over the years and am positive many other students appreciate them as much as I do.

Next week, I’ll be posting about my experience with Inclusive Services.


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