I’m back.

I first must apologise for my lack of communication the past few weeks, I was going through some things and unable to access my blog. But I’m back now and all is well.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. It feels like it was so long ago now. I had a good one, it was quiet and family oriented which is the best way I think.

I turned 25 a few weeks ago, or as my friends keep saying, ‘nearly thirty’ or ‘quarter of a century’ which I’m not too thrilled about! I had a lovely birthday, went out with my boyfriend and my friends for a meal and then was surprised by a cake and the whole restaurant grinning at me when the Birthday music played…almost died of embarrassment but it was fun.

I also went to the Alice in Wonderland exhibition at the Tate in Liverpool two weeks ago. They had so much on display, I was slightly awestricken. There was two floors and the second floor was spectacular. They had original drawings and manuscripts, so much art and sculptures. It was really interesting. The exhibition closed on the 29th of January so don’t go turning up there because it’s gone.

Other than spending a lot of time with my wonderful friends and writing my dissertation and constant reading, I haven’t been up to much; not that I’ve had time for anything else. I’ve been back at Edge Hill for three weeks and it’s gone so fast. I can’t believe I have just less than three months left.

On another note, I’ve applied for the Masters in English. Writing a personal statement isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I did end up deleting my first paragraph approximately six times before I was happy with it though.

Anyway, Dorian Gray is calling me. Take care,



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