Can you believe it’s nearly Christmas already? Only 20 days to go! I don’t usually get excited over Christmas but the child in me has wormed it’s way out and is beating away the Scrooge-esque part of me. I’m going to purchase a Christmas tree tomorrow *insert grin here*
I haven’t finished buying all my presents yet but I have them all in mind and they will be hidden in the flat by the end of next week. I tend to go slightly overboard when buying presents but I’m trying to rein it in this year. I’ve got my friends theirs and I have a sneaky feeling they may all adore me once seeing them 😛
I’m just arranging a get together with them all so we can exchange gifts and go for a meal/party-thing.

This week I haven’t got too much on. Tomorrow I’m going to Southport to see the wonderful Jack, we’ll probably do a bit of shopping and have a fabulous day…hopefully I’ll get my ear pierced in the process, although not by him lol. I was intending on spending the whole day with him but I have a doctors appointment in the evening and need to get back for that 🙁 Wednesday and Thursday I’m writing some more of my dissertation because next week we have to have 2,000 words of it submitted. And Friday morning I have a meeting with someone in the S.I.C. to give me some advice for applying for my Masters. My application is almost complete, I just need to write my personal statement and I’m getting some advice on how to go about it. *Fingers crossed* I get accepted.
Then I have one more week of lectures/seminars and break up for Christmas. Yay!


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