Eventful Week

My week has been a busy one. I almost wanted to sleep the whole weekend but had no time because I promised Harry (my bf’s 6 year old) that we’d go out!
The beginning of last week I can’t remember what happened; I’m getting old 😛
However, Thursday I had a dissertation meeting with my supervisor and showed her my mounds of research, I almost had to take it in on a wheelbarrow, (slight exaggeration) but she was very pleased and, ‘excited’ (her word) by my topic. I’m finding it really interesting, I’ve been told to start writing though because I’m becoming consumed by journal articles. So that’s my plans for this week!
Friday, I went into Uni early because I’d set up meetings with various members of the Inclusions Team and I will be doing a blog about them very soon! I don’t want to give too much away but please keep checking back because it’s going to be interesting, or at least I think it will 😛
In the evening, Robyn, Trish and Katie came round to mine and assisted in the child entertainment. Harry introduced himself as ‘H-Bomb’ and then put on a Simba mask and was crawling around on the floor with Robyn pretending they were in the Lion King. It was a very funny evening.
Saturday, I spent the day at my Nan and Grandad’s in Liverpool and ended up playing random games with Harry and Holly (little cousin), good times!
Then Sunday, Matt, Harry and I all went to Southport, they had a Vintage Fair on in the Art Hub Gallery and I picked up some really cute Christmas presents for my friends (and myself) and a few decorations for the tree. Then Harry and I went on the Carousel and it was soooo cold but the little guy was made up. How much of a rip-off are them claw machines in the arcade? It would have been quicker and cheaper to buy a teddy instead of mess about on them. The arcade was fun though, they have an indoor kids ride that H-Bomb went on. And to top it all off, we watched ‘Tin Tin’ at the cinema and it was really good. I love kids films!
That was my week 🙂 Hope you had a good one.


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