I am the Queen of Proof-Reading, according to my friend. I read two amazing short stories by my friend Jack last week and didn’t realise how talented he was because I’d never read any of his work before. They were amazing and so touching…I’m now his go-to-girl for editing and I’m glad he trusts me and my obsessive grammar/spelling correcting. It’s a really good thing to have someone read through assignments before submitting them because your eye doesn’t always notice your own mistakes. I tend to get my bf to read mine, he has no idea about the content but spots sentences that don’t work or awkward phrasings of things!
Another friend of mine who doesn’t study Creative Writing had me look over a short piece of prose he had been working on last week and it was extremely powerful. Both Mal and I love to write in our spare time and are always passing bits of poems/stories back and fourth. We stayed behind on Friday to have a quick coffee which ended up being a two-hour conversation about the things we intend on writing when we complete our degree.
I’ve had a few poems published in the past but don’t have enough time to sit down and work at a piece of writing because of uni, home life, family and friends etc but it’ll be something I can always do because it’s a huge passion.

I had my hair dyed purple over the weekend so may post a picture at some point!
Oh and my bf took me out for a meal on Saturday for our 2 year anniversary *insert awww here* which was lovely.


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