Reading Week

I’ve waited a while to get back into the swing of University life and it seems we’re getting close to Reading Week/Independent Study Week, which means half of the semester is almost complete. How fast has that gone? I’m sure I’ve said previously how quickly time flies once you’re in back in the thick of it all.
Use your time wisely guys. Yes, it’s a full week but it goes absolutely nowhere. I have two essays to complete and my first draft of my dissertation to complete, as well as reading a few books so I will most definitely become a hermit during that week…Nah I’m going to prioritise and make a timetable because I’m super organised and make sure I spend time with my friends, family and my boyfriend. I find it extremely helpful if I write down when I’m going to be working/reading and when I’m having a break etc because it gives me something to focus on and work with. Perhaps I can convince you to join me in the organising!
My friends say I’m a, ‘control freak’ but I prefer, ‘positive choreographer of life’. 😛

I’ve seen the Careers department since I returned to EHU to discuss what I intend on doing once I complete my degree and it’s most definitely a Masters. My dissertation supervisor gave me lots of information on the modules and how much work it contains and I’m 100% positive that is what I’ll be doing this time next year, (if they accept me *fingers crossed*).

Also, Tuesday I’m going to a training session to meet EHU’s new bloggers so keep a look out for them and show them some support.
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